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"A Picture Of Me, Alan Weaver, When I Was Much Younger""

Hello, I’m Alan, and I’m the Creative Force behind Those Affiliates Review. If you’re passionate about slicing through the noise to find the Best Products, then you’re in the right place.

My life has been a Melting Pot of Experiences, from Stirring Sauces to Soldering Circuits — all of which I bring to the table when Reviewing the vast sea of Affiliate Products.

It’s ALL About Me

My Journey is anything but ordinary. I’ve Worn Many Hats: a Chef, a Soldier, a Technician, a Firefighter, a Nurse, and now, an Affiliated Reviewer. To Help Understand My Unusual Writing Style And My Struggle With ADHD,

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"A Coast Guard Member Wears His Uniform. He's Wearing A Chef's Hat. He's Staring At Test Equipment On His Work Bench. He Has A Stethoscope Hanging From His Neck. There Is A Fireman's Leather Hat On The Wall"

“A Coastey? A Chef? A Nurse? A Tech? A Soldier?”

This isn’t just about Sharing Products; it’s also about sharing my story with you. I believe that every Review should be as Nuanced and Dynamic as the life I’ve lived.

As you Journey through these pages, you’re going to find out about how my Colorful Past shapes the way I View and Evaluate Affiliate Products. It has endowed me with an Eye for Detail and a Taste for Quality — both Crucial Ingredients for Trustworthy Reviews.

"A Chef Standing In Front Of His Stove/Range, There's a Saute Pan On The Range, The Chef Tosses Herbs Into The Saute Pan, next to the Chef, Is A Large Pot Of Soup"

“A Chef Throws Herbs Into A Saute Pan”

What’s cooking in Those Affiliates Review’s Kitchen? It’s a Rich Stew of Genuine Insights, a Pinch of Personal Anecdotes, and a sprinkle of Professional Advice, all simmering together to serve you the most Refined and Honest Affiliate Reviews on the Web.

A table draped in fine linen, on it are beautifully garnished foods, a swan ice carving, terrines, galantines, Baked stuffed lobster, all fit for a King, with chic vegetables shaped like flowers"

“What’s Cooking In Your Kitchen?”

A Buffet of Experiences: My Culinary Journey

My adventure in the world of flavors started at Johnson and Wales Culinary Institute back in ’75 – yes, I’m going to take you a bit back in time. Over there, I honed my craft and learned to Create not just meals, but Experiences, Captivating the senses with every plate served.

Specializing in Garde Manger was my NICHE. It’s where Art meets Appetites – think Ice Carvings shimmering at Galas, Terrines layered as meticulously as the stories of my life, and Sculptured Vegetables that could hold their own in a gallery. Each event I Catered was a Canvas, and I ensured that my Culinary Creations were nothing short of Masterpieces.

“It’s A Masterpeice”

Now, I’m channeling that same Artistry into Those Affiliates Review. Turns out, being precise with a Chisel or a Chef’s Knife isn’t all too different from dissecting the details of Affiliate Products. My goal is to plate up Honest, Detailed Reviews that satisfy your informational cravings and add value to your Decision-Making Process.

Like transitioning from serving intimate dinners to engaging with a Banquet Hall brimming with guests, my move into the Affiliate NICHE was a shift from one type of audience to another. But in both cases, I’m here to serve up something Valuable and Memorable – whether it’s a dinner to die for or a Review that leads you to the Perfect Product.

Navigating Waves & Wires:

My Military and Tech Background

I donned my first uniform for the U.S. Navy in 1981, plunging into the world of High-Tech Electronics. Repairing AN/SPN Radars became my bread and butter, requiring a meticulous eye and a steady hand.

Picture this: the Sea Churning beneath you, the Roar of Aircraft Overhead, and the Pulse of the Radar Screen in front of you. As an Electronics Technician, I was tasked with maintaining the ACLS (Automatic Carrier Landing System) on an Aircraft Carrier. Messing up wasn’t an option – those Multimillion-Dollar Jets depended on my Precision to land safely.

I’ve carried the same Pinpoint Accuracy and Methodical Approach into everything I do since. In my work, whether on deck or dry land, I learned the Value of Diligence and Precision. And now, I apply that to my Affiliate Reviews, dissecting the Smallest Details to ensure you get the Full Picture.

After the Navy, I continued my service in the Coast Guard and later joined the Army as a Field Radio Technician. I’ve spent eight years in total answering the Call of Duty, each moment Reinforcing the Core Values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment – pillars that now Support my Work Ethic and my Content on Those Affiliates’ Reviews.

From Perplexing Disorders to Pioneering Discoveries

You might be surprised to find out that I only learned about my ADHD when I turned 40. It was a revelation that helped me Connect a lot of Dots from my Past. This discovery came about when my brother, armed with a 70-Question Test from Dr. Amen at the Amen Clinic, approached me. Guess what? The test confirmed what I had never put a label on.

Looking back, it explains a lot. I remember as a kid, often feeling out of step with the world around me. This wasn’t just about struggling with words; it was about struggling to fit in. If kids laughed or poked fun, my words would get tangled, and a stutter would creep into my speech. It was hurdles like these that shaped my unique way of communicating.

To survive school and social interactions, I inadvertently developed a certain writing style at age 8. This style was birthed out of the necessity to express myself without the fear of being mocked. I leaned on CAPS, bolds, and whatever emphasis I could to make my point. It wasn’t just about volume; it was about being heard and understood.

Today, I’ve found a balance. Sure, I still blurt out now and again, but it’s mostly under control, thanks to a bit of help from Ritalin. And when it comes to blogging? I’m a powerhouse, churning out 2-3 articles a day for Those Affiliates Review. My verbal and written communication skills have been honed, not dulled by my ADHD. It’s given me a unique voice that stands out in the crowded digital world.

From Perplexing Disorders to Pioneering Discoveries

Guess what? It turns out that my zeal for life and boundless energy had a name all along – ADHD, and I only pieced the puzzle together at the age of 40. Here’s how it went down: my brother hands me this 70-question test by Dr. Amen from the Amen Clinic, and suddenly, all the quirks of my life start to make sense.

I’d always had a signature style that I honed from a young age. I’m talking about a need to write with a certain flair for survival, thanks to a memorable English teacher. If kids laughed at me or I struggled with my words, my voice shut down into a stutter. No doubt, it was tough, but that’s where my storytelling took root.

I used to dread book reports or class presentations. The vocabulary just wasn’t there, so I made my point with CAPITALS, bold text, and whatever I could to compensate. Fast forward to now, and I’m a blogging machine, sometimes churning out 2 to 3 articles a day on affiliate marketing strategies and product reviews. Ritalin has been a game-changer, helping me reign in the blurts, and let me tell you, my writing – it’s controlled chaos now.

But it’s not just about managing ADHD – it’s about flipping the script and using it to my advantage. I’ve realized that some of the disorder’s traits lend themselves well to the world of blogging where you need creativity, spontaneity, and the ability to see connections others might miss.

Moving toward the next chapter, you can always adjust your approach down the road. As a volunteer firefighter back in 1978 in Dunbarton, NH, and later as a licensed nurse, I’ve always led with a heart set on helping others. It’s a thread that has run through my entire life and one that’s woven directly into my work today.

Scaling Heights and Depths:

Uncommon Careers & Hobbies

Have you ever felt the rush of adrenaline as you ascend to great heights, not just metaphorically, but literally? That’s how I spent a significant slice of my life, climbing 500-foot cell phone towers. I took on the task of installing networks that connected people, mirroring my nature of bridging gaps. Post-9/11, the world changed, and so did the regulations on tower climbing, bringing that chapter of my life to a close. But the memories, like the heights I scaled, loom large and continue to shape my perspective.

My life has always been about reaching for the sky, whether by climbing towers or striving for personal growth. That taste for adventure didn’t end with tower climbing. It spills over into my hobbies and the habitual radiance of my nature, to seek out challenges and conquer them. Such experiences fortified my resilience and tenacity, qualities I channel into my current venture writing detailed affiliate reviews.

To offer an insight—living a life sprinkled with diverse careers has gifted me a unique vantage point. It’s not just about the technical know-how or the physical endurance; it’s about the profound life lessons that come with it. They teach you about meticulous planning, risk assessment, and the importance of clear, concise communication—all crucial elements in the delicate art of affiliate marketing.

These adventures, while thrilling, have grounded me in ways I had not anticipated. I’ve learned to measure success not by the elevation I reach but by the solidity of the foundation I build. That’s something I emphasize in my reviews—reliable, trustworthy foundations that make affiliate products worth the recommendation.

Bringing It All Together:

Crafting Trust with Those Affiliates Review

I’ve taken you through a whirlwind of my past, from the bustling kitchens to the high-flying cell towers, and the solemn moments at the bedside in nursing. These stories, these fragments of life, aren’t just memories; they’re the very fabric of what I bring to Those Affiliates Review.

My journey has been anything but linear, filled with diverse experiences that have crafted the lens through which I see the world and, more importantly, how I review the vast offerings of affiliate products. Each article I write is more than a review; it’s a commitment to you to be thorough, honest, and personal – because that’s how I approach life.

I believe that trust isn’t given; it’s earned. So, I invite you to explore my reviews, know that they come from a place of rich experience and genuine interest to serve and guide. Whether you’re here for a quick suggestion or a deep dive into a product, I’ve got you covered with the insight and care you deserve.

If you ever have questions, curiosities, or if you simply want to share your thoughts, my door is always open. Together, we can navigate the complex world of affiliate marketing with a touch of humanity and a dash of fun. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. Now, let’s explore the potentials of Those Affiliates Review and find the perfect products that fit your life.

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