“WOOOP! WOOOP!” HELLO! WOOP! WOOP! My Name Is CAMILLE But In My Tribe, I am called Spirit Dove I Am From The WUPAON (WOO-PAY-ON) TRIBE DEEP in the MAGICAL HILLS of JULIET Our TRIBE LOVES JULIET, But OUR TRIBE ESPECIALLY  LOVES  LITTLE CAMILLE.  AS CAMILLE She Walks Around Handing Out Candy, Brownies, and Candied Apples.  … Read more

NEW Quote For 144 Hickman Highway

STUFF TO ORDER 1 – 40″ X 32″ Light/Mirror Combo     $156.00 Item# 5523379 1 – 32″ x 24″ Light/Mirror Combo    $150.00 Item# 2524089 1 – Single Sink Bathroom Vanity            $549.00 Item# 5083405 allen + roth Harlow Matte Black 4-in centerset 2-Handle WaterSense Bathroom Sink Faucet with Drain and … Read more

Should The Word CANCER Be Considered A Swear Word?

My Health Has Put My Body Through The Wringer I’m sorry that I haven’t been around but I’ve been having Technical Difficulties, mainly, with my body. You see, you’re going to find out about a journey through the healthcare system that sounds more like an adventure novel than a medical history. At the age of … Read more

About Me

Hello, I’m Alan, and I’m the Creative Force behind Those Affiliates Review. If you’re passionate about slicing through the noise to find the Best Products, then you’re in the right place. My life has been a Melting Pot of Experiences, from Stirring Sauces to Soldering Circuits — all of which I bring to the table … Read more

My Assessment Of My ADHD Based On A Lifetime With It

So, this is, “My Assessment Of My ADHD Based On A Lifetime With It”. Wow! I’m starting to have major FLASHBACKS, except the NUN was a Guamanian woman, and she was Incredibly Large (Like Captain Hook said, “To a 10-year-old I’m HUGE”) and she used a 3-Sided Ruler to beat me with, remember those? “Just Beat … Read more

Seize The Day! Website Creation For SENIORS

Alan Man wrote an article, “Seize the Day! Website Creation for SENIORS”. You may think that it’s a fable, but it’s true. Up high in the mountains, deep in the woods, somewhere in the little town of Hickman, SENIORS are creating FREE Websites, and making money, hand over fist. Seize the Day! Website Creation for … Read more

Can We Train SENIORS To Become Affiliate Marketers?

So, let me ask you, “Can We Train SENIORS To Become Affiliate Marketers?”. You’ve come to the right place SENIOR Citizen, this is the place to learn ALL about starting an Online Business. Can We Train SENIORS To Become Affiliate Marketers? Hello Reader, my name is Alan. In this Article I’ll introduce you to a … Read more

How Can I Start An Online Catering Class For Beginners?

Well? You asked, “How Can I Start An Online Catering Class For Beginners?” If you’re looking to dive into the world of food entrepreneurship, the concept of Online Catering and Cooking Classes is a savory blend worth exploring. Now, why mesh these two together, you might wonder? It’s simple. Online Catering allows you to showcase your … Read more

Golden Opportunities! How SENIORS Can Thrive in Affiliate Marketing

“Alan”, a 68-year-old mountain man is looking for the opportunity to work online. Excited young “Bubba” says, “Babu!, Check out this article”. The article read, “Golden Opportunities: How SENIORS Can Thrive in Affiliate Marketing”. This is exactly what “Alan” was looking for. “Bubba” also pointed out that this opportunity is for everybody.  OK! “SENIORS and “YOUTS” (YOUTHS) this one’s … Read more

How Can SENIORS Learn To Be Successful Affiliate Marketers?

I So, “How Can “SENIORS” Learn To Be Successful Affiliate Marketers?” Well, in a turn of events that sounds more like a script from a feel-good Hollywood comedy. Alan, a 68-year-old “Mountain Man”, and a Very Successful “Fill-ee-Mark-u-tr”(Affiliate Marketer), from the little mountain town of “Hickman”, is supposed to be slowing down; you know, “RETIRED”. … Read more