Golden Opportunities! How SENIORS Can Thrive in Affiliate Marketing

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"Alan read an article, "Golden Opportunities! How SENIORS Can Thrive in Affiliate Marketing", he shares it with Bubba"

“Alan”, a 68-year-old mountain man is looking for the opportunity to work online. Excited young “Bubba” says, “Babu!, Check out this article”.

The article read, “Golden Opportunities: How SENIORS Can Thrive in Affiliate Marketing”. This is exactly what “Alan” was looking for. “Bubba” also pointed out that this opportunity is for everybody. 

OK! “SENIORS and “YOUTS” (YOUTHS) this one’s for you.

Golden Opportunities! How SENIORS Can Thrive in Affiliate Marketing

“What did you say, Alan? He’s 18 years old now?”, asked the reader.

"Bubba sits at his Mo-by-el Command Center"

“Bubba’s Mo-bee-ul Super Command Center”

“Dat’s Ryt”, says Alan, “Bubba Be Grow’d Up Now”.

Bubba says, “I Wans To Gets In To Da Business Too, “BABU”.     

Alan “LUVS” being called “BABU”.                                                                        

 So, little did anyone know that behind his age there was an entrepreneurial spirit waiting to burst onto the “ONLINE INTERNET SCENE’.

Alan has a thriving “ONLINE BUSINESS” “Selling Stray Cats With Phee-los-u-fer and Snak Bar Names”. and what a business it is. Alan became a Millionaire overnight selling cats with names like

“Air-ee-stot-ul Krunch”, “P-lay-to Puff, and “Sok-Ra-Tees Slim Jim”.

"Alan jumping up in the air with his cats"

  “Alan And His Cats Jumpin’ For Joy!”

 “Kats Kant Spell”

Online Jobs

And now, “Selling Stuffed Animals”. All that brought joy to customers of all ages. His cats put a “Smile On Everybody”s face, and the fluffy creations were not just huggable companions; they were an embodiment of “COMPASSION and DETERMINATION”.

“Alan Loves His Stuffed Animals”

One day, Alan encountered a curious 12-year-old boy named “Bubba”, who had dreams of making it big in the “ONLINE BUSINESS” world someday. Alan took “Bubba” under his wing, eager to pass on the secrets of his success.

The duo embarked on a whimsical journey filled with laughter, lessons, and, of course, stuffed animals. Alan shared his expertise, teaching “Bubba” the “Ins” and “Outs” of the “Online” market, from marketing strategies to customer engagement.

However, “Bubba” had a unique twist in mind. While Alan’s specialty was cuddly creatures, “Bubba” had a knack for something entirely unexpected – “Ginseng”. Yes, you read that right – the herbal root known for its health benefits became “Bubba’s” ticket to overnight stardom.

“Bubba’s So Proud Of His American Ginseng”

“I’s Ben Diggin’ This Up Fer Pa Sins I Wuz A Litter Boy” said “Bubba”,

And I Nose Wher All Da Good Roots Is”

Pa says,

“I’s Ben Usin’ Its Fer My Brain”

“Pa said, “I Use It Fer My Brain”

Little did “Pa” know that:

Ginseng may help stimulate physical and mental activity in people who feel weak and tired. One study of 21 men and 69 women found that ginseng showed good results in helping people with chronic fatigue.

A 2014 study of people receiving cancer treatment found that ginseng helped reduce cancer-related fatigue.

“Dat’s Wundaful”, Alan said“Howz Yu Gonna Mek Muny Wit It?”
 And “Bubba” quickly answered:

Well, Babu, one pound of “wet” ginseng dehydrates to about a third of a pound of dry. The average price paid for the 2019-20 season was $550 per pound for dry and $160 per pound for green. It takes almost 300 roots to make one pound of dry ginseng.

“American Ginseng”

With Alan’s guidance, “Bubba” started an online venture that combined the charm of “STUFFED ANIMALS” with the allure of “GINSENG”. His products, aptly named  “FLUFFY GINSENG SURPRISES”, became a Worldwide overnight sensation. Customers, worldwide were intrigued by the unusual combination, and “Bubba’s” business skyrocketed.

“This Is One Very Happy Customer”

Alan marveled at the unexpected turn of events, proud to witness his protege become a sensation in the world of e-commerce.

The story of Alan and “Bubba” became an internet sensation itself, with people applauding the unlikely duo who proved that age and interests are no barriers to success. Alan and “Bubba” were invited to appear on some very famous “TALK SHOWS”. 

“Alan and Bubba Are Guests On A Talk Show”

As “ALAN’S STUFFED SURPRISES” and “BUBBA’S GINSENG DELIGHTS” continued to thrive in the online marketplace, the tale of this intergenerational partnership spread far and wide. It became a symbol of the limitless possibilities that arise when experience meets youthful creativity.

And so, the world watched in awe as Alan and “Bubba”, an unlikely pair of entrepreneurs, showcased that in the ever-evolving landscape of “ONLINE BUSINESS”, success knows no age – it simply requires the perfect blend of passion, mentorship, and a dash of unexpected magic.

Online Business

This cute little story is brought to you by the Wealthy Affiliate, the “INTERNATIONAL TRAINING FACILITY” for “ANYBODY” and “EVERYBODY”. 

She qualifies, I’ll tell you why, later. So, I’m “STUCK” at home now, “WRITING” a lot of “ARTICLES” for the Wealthy Affiliate (AW! COME ON ALAN! YOU SOUND LIKE A DAD BURN COMMERCIAL).

   So, SENIORS, finally getting back to “YOU”. Alan chose to sell various “STUFFED ANIMALS” and “STRAY CATS” for his business venture, and “Bubba”, he sold “GINSENG”. But, what?

Does selling these sound like a joke? Maybe? But maybe not. Selling “Stuffed Animals” and “Ginseng” is not a joke, things like these are being sold “ONLINE” every day, and it’s quite “LUCRATIVE”.

I know, you’re probably thinking, “I’m just “TOO DARN” old for this“, I mean starting a new business and all. Are there even any “SENIORS” doing this, and being successful at it?

My goodness folks, at the Wealthy Affiliate, we have so many “SENIOR MEMBERS” doing this, and they’re extremely successful at it. We have over “2.7 MILLION MEMBERS” there and a great deal of them are “SENIORS”.


“For Privacy, I Will Not Reveal These “SENIOR’S” Names”

This “SENIOR CITIZEN”, a member of the “Wealthy Affiliate”, was a Lawyer in Family, Criminal, and Civil Law for over 38 years. He was a “Champion in the Sport of Rowing”, he’s a “Wellness Coach”, and “Owner of a Consulting Firm”. This man has over “3 SUCCESSFUL WEBSITES”. 

I would say that he truly represents one of the many successful “SENIOR CITIZENS” that we have at the “Wealthy Affiliate”. If you noticed, I “Bold” and capitalized the word “SENIOR”. It’s because I have a great deal of respect for the “SENIORS”. Hey, “I am one”.

 I have a friend, here at the “Wealthy Affiliate”, who is 79 years old. First off, maybe because of the products that he sells on his “VERY SUCCESSFUL” website, he looks so “DARN” young and fit. I want to say that he looks “DAMN” good, but that would be swearing, and I don’t swear.

After 48 years in IT, this “SENIOR CITIZEN” retired reasonably well off. But a combination of bad luck and bad decisions left him broke at the age of 74. So he was determined to derive a substantial online income and will devote whatever is necessary to achieve that.

UPDATE: He turns 80 in April 2024 and has around “30 WEBSITES” producing a substantial income.

Look, what kind of business do you want to start?

What do you have to sell?

All I know is that the “Wealthy Affiliate” will set “ANYBODY” up in business, for FREE. Yes, the “Wealthy Affiliate” offers FREE Membership to “ANYBODY”. They’ll give you a FREE Website, FREE Training, and tremendous support. We have a great “CHAT LINE” with many very Successful Entrepreneurs to answer any question that you may have.

“If You’re Wondering If We Are Legitimate Or Not”,

“Then Let’s Ask Sherrif Roy To Check Us Out!”


“CLICK on Sherrif Roy”

Let’s Start With the Better Business Bureau, They Gave Them an A+ 

Then I Used the Trust Pilot, Which Had Them Ranked at 4.9/5

And Last, the Scam Detector. It Gave the Wealthy Affiliate 100%.

This link is a Thorough Review of the Wealthy Affiliate.

You Should Review the Other Companies to Check on Their Legitimacy.

I Recommend the Scam Detector.

This and other Reviews should help you determine whether you should sign up with us or not. At this time, it should be apparent that I no longer take any chances, and that I have Companies Extensively Checked Out now.

For the future, have EVERYBODY checked out, use the SCAM DETECTOR, and you won’t regret it.

So, these are only a couple of things that we can do. The Wealthy Affiliate” teaches you all aspects of the Business. For example, what I chose to do with my Website is to be an “AFFILIATE” for Wealthy Affiliate.
I tell people about the services that they provide because there is a lot that you can learn at the Wealthy Affiliate.

Do you want to WRITE ARTICLES”, “BUILD A STORE”, or “BLOG?”

Most importantly, do you want to be an “AFFILIATE MARKETER?”

Not only do you train as an “AFFILIATE MARKETER”, but they will introduce you to several thousand “AFFILIATES” that need your help.

No sense in looking around for “AFFILIATES”, they’re all here. At the “WEALTHY AFFILIATE,” you can do WHATEVER” you want, and they will train you.


“This Is The Old Time Hour”

We interrupt the “Old Fashioned Hour” to tell you about the Wealthy Affiliate, the “ONLINE BUSINESS” that is sweeping the whole wide world.

Today, in society, “AFFILIATE MARKETERS” are finding it very difficult to find Honorable and Ethical “AFFILIATE TRAINING CENTERS” nowadays that offer real training for the Entrepreneur.

At Wealthy Affiliate, our Training is second to none. There are thousands of hours of Training, hundreds of hours of Videos, and the most Technologically Advanced Training today. WEALTHY AFFILIATE” has over “2.7 MILLION MEMBERS”. Why?

Because they all know who the leader in “AFFILIATE MARKETING” is. “WEALTHY AFFILIATE” truly is #1 in Affiliate Marketing based on over 50,000 independent reviews.

Now! Back to our Program.

Even if you decide not to come on board, I would like you to come back as my guest. I am attempting to develop a Readership of sorts. So, come back and hang with me, I try to write 1 Article a day about “SENIOR CITIZENS”. 
I Take A Slightly Comical Approach To Writing, Such As,

"An old decrepit Popeye the Sailorman"

“Empower SENIOR Years” 


"Alan and Sandy Waters, from Station WINK, together to talk about his new book, "Empower Your Retirement Man! FREE Affiliate Marketing For SENIORS". He STUTTERS when ever he gets near her because of her beauty"

“Affiliate Marketing For SENIORS”


"Alan jumping up in the air with his cats"

“Web Creation For SENIORS”


"an artist paints everything is sight"
“How To Be Creative Online Using AI”


"Alan and his friends looking in the dirt for jobs, yes in the dirt"

“Web Creations For SENIORS”
 Please read the links above, and let me know what you think by leaving “COMMENTS”.


We hope to see you on the inside.

So, if you want to: JOIN ME

No Credit Card Required                                                                                


         AbstractAlan says


   “I GOTZ MY TEETH IN”                                                                                          “SO CLICK ON ME”

16 thoughts on “Golden Opportunities! How SENIORS Can Thrive in Affiliate Marketing”

  1. I appreciate the insights provided here. Good stuff for the seniors in the workforce. However, I’m curious about specific job opportunities that require minimal technical skills. Are there platforms that cater specifically to seniors, offering guidance or training for those new to the digital workspace? Any recommendations for such resources would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hey Corey, Yes! A ton of them.

      ChatGPT. com Designed for “ALL” ages.

      ChatGPT 101 A University in Texas will give Certificaion of completion, designed for all ages.    I think one of the “BEST” of “ALL” (They have no BOLD on this word processor,. so BOLD and “CAPITALIZE” this one) is the Become an “INSIDER” just by signing up. They discuss many outlets for “SENIORS” in full detail, when you become a “FREE” subscriber.   Acommunity that helps women achieve and sustain success, on their own terms. A HUB for Connection, Advancement, and Growth.This is for women of all ages.   A “TABLET” for “SENIORS” Gaming that allows our “GRANDPARENTS” to play their favorite Board Game, “ONLINE” with their “GRANDCHILDREN”. 

      Also, “VIDEO CALLING FOR SENIORS”   The “SMARTIST”, “SIMPLEST”, & S”SAFEST” way to connect “SENIORS” with their loved ones. “GRANDPAD” is the perfect gift for “GRANDPARENTS” to stay connected. “EASILY SHARE PHOTOS”.

      GrandPad replaces your Cell phone, Landline and Desktop Computer with a single solution and Built-in 911 “EMERGENCY CALLING SERVICE” for even greater peace of mind. Easily manage one plan and one solution for less than a cup of coffee per day.

      $65/mo for the yearly plan  and just $89/mo to replace your “CELL PHONE”, “LANDLINE”,  and “DESKTOP COMPUTER” and “BUILT IN 911 EMERGENCY CALLING SERVICE   “GRANDPAD” has many “GAMES” for “SENIORS”  Their favorite games like: BlackJack, Bridge, Checkers, Chess, Four in a Row, FreeCell, Hangman, Hearts, Memory, Slots, Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Sudoku, Texas Hold ’em, TicTacToe, Tiles, Word Scrabble, Word Search, and Yahtzy.

      Finally you Save $25 just by “JOINING A WEBINAR”.   “WHO WE ARE”   We’re a distinctive, diverse collection of people aged “60 AND OLDER” who are busy changing the way we age by embracing opportunities to reshape our lives, connect with and help one another, and change the world for the better —all while learning, growing, and having fun!

      Questions? Call the free Senior Planet Hotline at 888-713-3495, Monday – Friday from 9am – 8pm EST.   “LIVE CLASSES FOR OLDER ADULTS”  GetSetUp is an online community of people who want to learn new skills, connect with others and unlock new life experiences.     One Day University is an ADULT EDUCATION”  program founded by Steven Schragis and John Galvin in 2006. The program’s one-day sessions feature four or five lectures by leading American university professors.[1] Originally based in the New York City area, the program has spread to BostonPhiladelphiaWashingtonFlorida and California.[2] It hosts events at leading colleges including Villanova,[3] Georgetown University, Notre Dame, Babson and the College of Saint Elizabeth.       “ACADEMIC EARTH” was launched on the premise that “EVERYONE” deserves access to a world-class education. In 2009, we built the first collection of “FREE ONLINE COLLEGE COURSES” from the “WORLDS TOP UNIVERSITIES”. The world of open education has exploded since then, so today our curated lists of online courses are hand selected by our staff to show you the very best offerings by subject area. We also make sure there is “SOMETHING FOR EVERYONR”: whether you want to explore a new topic or advance in your current field, we bring the amazing world of academia to you for “FREE”. 

      So, Corey, this is a very small list of what’s available for the “SENIOR CITIZEN”. I hope this answers your question.


      Alan aka AbstractAlan

  2. I have the answer to your issue, it is kind of hard to explain, but you need to go to each paragraph that is not formatted correctly, hit the enter button on your keyboard then remove the extra block. This has happened to me as well and it is the images, they for some reason mess with the paragraph either before or after it. Not sure why it happens, but I definitely know how to fix it. If this does not fix it, screenshot the post and put the question out to our fantastic community.

    This article is very inspiring! Even though the story is fictional, it points out that you could pass up a great business partner by not being open-minded. That business partner could be a training program, a person, or both. 

    Nonetheless, this article has a valuable lesson or two in it. If you do not take chances, you will never succeed. Be open to new business ideas that make sense. And don’t let age hold you back whether you are young or old. I am in between at the ripe young age of 51 so…

    Thanks for this inspirational article/story Online Jobs For Seniors At Home. As I get closer to the Lazy Boy, I will look back on this as a reminder to not let my retirement keep me from making a side hustle, and one that could possibly make it easier to live between SS checks.


    • Thanks Stacie for reading the article, a nice comment as well. I wasn’t sure what you meant, so I retyped those sections and mysteriously they got fixed. Now I noticed that the text about the dog is messed up. All the text and paragraphs are bunched together. I am unable to make changes to the published. I’ll have to ask the community. Thanks for trying to help.


      Alan aka AbstractAlan

  3. The intergenerational partnership adds a delightful twist to the narrative, emphasizing that age is no barrier to success in the online business World. The inclusion of personal experiences, such as your recent surgery and recovery, gives the story a relatable touch.
    It’s fascinating to see how individuals, regardless of age, can find unique niches in the online market. Alan and Bubba’s journey showcases the diversity of opportunities available, from selling stuffed animals to ginseng products. This prompts the question: What other unconventional products or services have seniors successfully sold online?
    Your personal experiences, especially with the recent surgery and the challenges faced during recovery, add authenticity to the narrative. It creates a connection with the readers and emphasizes the resilience required in both life and business endeavours.
    Considering the variety of online ventures discussed in the story, what unique products or services do you think have untapped potential in the senior market? Thanks and Cheers.

    • Thanks for the comment Job, Well, I ama “SENIOR” and I like the same things you do. Personally, I never grew up. As far as other “SENIORS” I imagine to sell “Buy and Sell” things that are Nostalgic to them. I like things that are hard to get right now: LP Records and Turntables (Although, you can buy new Turntables), Baseball Trading Cards (Remember it all started a long time ago with a “SENIOR”), We are into Geneology;you know, old things. 

      But, I bet that their are a lot of “SENIORS” just like me, you know, new stuff. Heck! Check out it’s a tablet for GrandFathers, 

      “GRANDPAD” has many “GAMES” for “SENIORS”  Their favorite games like: BlackJack, Bridge, Checkers, Chess, Four in a Row, FreeCell, Hangman, Hearts, Memory, Slots, Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Sudoku, Texas Hold ’em, TicTacToe, Tiles, Word Scrabble, Word Search, and Yahtzy.

      Finally you Save $25 just by “JOINING A WEBINAR”.

       Also, “VIDEO CALLING FOR SENIORS”   The “SMARTIST”, “SIMPLEST”, & S”SAFEST” way to connect “SENIORS” with their loved ones. “GRANDPAD” is the perfect gift for “GRANDPARENTS” to stay connected. “EASILY SHARE PHOTOS”.

      GrandPad replaces your Cell phone, Landline and Desktop Computer with a single solution and Built-in 911 “EMERGENCY CALLING SERVICE” for even greater peace of mind. Easily manage one plan and one solution for less than a cup of coffee per day.

      $65/mo for the yearly plan  and just $89/mo to replace your “CELL PHONE”, “LANDLINE”,  and “DESKTOP COMPUTER” and “BUILT IN 911 EMERGENCY CALLING SERVICE

  4. Hey!

    This is a very comprehensive and useful post! You have covered a wide range of online jobs for seniors at home and how to find them. You have also given some honest and realistic expectations about the pros and cons of working from home. 🙏

    I was impressed by how you categorized the online jobs into different types, such as freelance, remote, and passive income. You have also provided some examples and links to reputable platforms and companies that offer these opportunities. 💯

    I think that working from home is a great option for seniors who want to earn extra income, stay active, and enjoy more flexibility. I think that anyone who has a skill, a passion, or a hobby can find an online job that suits their needs and preferences. I believe that the internet offers endless possibilities for seniors who are willing to learn and work hard. 🙌

    Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with us. You have inspired me to explore online jobs for seniors at home and to take action.

    Keep up the good work! 👍


  5. Wow, what an incredible journey you’ve shared, Alan! Your story of partnering with Bubba to blend the charm of stuffed animals with the allure of ginseng is truly unique and inspiring. It’s amazing how you’ve adapted to the ever-evolving landscape of online business.

    Considering your expertise in the teddy bear world, have you ever thought about incorporating ginseng-themed teddy bears or accessories into your offerings? Maybe a “Ginseng Teddy Collection” could capture the attention of a broader audience and add a delightful twist to your already successful endeavors. What are your thoughts on combining these two elements in your creative process? Wishing you continued success and a speedy recovery from your recent surgery!

    • Presently, I am writing a new article called, “Best Online Jobs For Seniors”. So, for you, there will be a Teddy Ginseng Collection. In realty, it just won’t fly. I could certainly sell Teddy Bears and Ginseng ‘s (That a very profitable root for sure. It should be done in about 8 hours, you can watch the progress here. Just refresh your browser every hour as I will be adding new stuff.

      Recovery is a slow process as I heal a little bit everyday. As of today, I’m not “YELPING” anymore. Thank for the nice comment. Good luck in your endeavor.


      Alan aka AbstractAlan

  6. Funny story I really like the integration of those AI genreated images. It almost feels like a book when reading it and it would be truly amazing if you could make the layout look like a book with giant pictures of the oldman. I look forward to seeing your future progress and I definently see some potential in you

    • Thanks for the great comment Nicolai, I just published one called, “Best Online Jobs For Seniors” the link is

      That one has many pictures in a row and is similar to what you requested, it plays out like a book. My next one, I want to do one with Alan and some children in it. I’ll make it playful, and Alan will be a Funny Story Teller in it.      Did you like the Dr. Seuss poem? Thanks again for your comment,


      A;an aka AbstractAlan

  7. Your exploration of online jobs for seniors at home is a practical and empowering guide for those seeking opportunities in the digital realm during their later years. I appreciate the diverse range of online job options you presented, from freelance writing to virtual assistance, catering to various skill sets and interests among seniors. The emphasis on flexibility, work-from-home setups, and the potential for generating income resonates with the growing trend of seniors embracing online employment. Your inclusion of practical tips and considerations, such as setting up a home office and utilizing online platforms, adds a thoughtful layer to the guide.

  8. What a great article!   The style of writing is unique and the illustrations are phenomenal. Being a Senior myself I related to the overall message and want to sign up to be an affiliate marketer as soon as possible!  The narrative highlights the limitless possibilities in the online business world, emphasizing that age is no barrier to success. Amid the engaging story, the author seamlessly weaves in personal experiences, including a recent challenging surgery, adding a relatable touch to the tale. The article concludes by promoting the Wealthy Affiliate as a platform where seniors can find success in various online endeavors, backed by positive reviews and recommendations. Excellent!

    • Thanks for reading the article Kay, Some of the folks are actually sending me very generic comments, some not having anything to do with the article. I’m so glad that you read it. Yes, Do come aboard, it would be lovely seeing you on the inside.


      Alan aka AbstractAlan


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