How Can SENIORS Learn To Be Successful Affiliate Marketers?

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I"Alan sits in the front row of the classroom, the kids throw Spit Balls at him, but he wonders, "How Can Seniors Learn To Be Successful Affiliate Marketers?"

"Alan and the kids are sad because he has to leave"

“Alan and the kids are sad because he has to leave”

SENIORS Have Always Been Successful

AHHH! That Was Sad, right? Oh man, where’s your heart? I get occasional sweats thinking of my childhood. I wasn’t an evil child, just so misunderstood. Well, I guess I kinda’ sorta’ grew up. I went from being a “Challenging Child” child to becoming a “Challenging Grownup”.

And when I say grownup, I mean, that I just got a lot bigger. You know as a “Retired, Disabled Veteran”, I get to stay home and write, and I have a lot of fun doing it.

So, in case you’re wondering, I am a “SENIOR CITIZEN”. Right now, I guess you could say that I’m back in school, I mean, I joined the Wealthy Affiliate and I’ve been learning something new every day. At first, I joined for FREE. They offer FREE Membership to anybody and give you some pretty great tools to work with, a FREE Website” that they teach you to build, provide you with a ton of FREE Training, and help you to get your “Website” up and running.

Before I Say More, It Wasn’t Easy Because I Got “RIPPED OFF” a Lot.

If You Want to Know About My “Internet” Struggles,


If You’re Anything Like Me You’ve Probably Heard

From Every Scoundrel There Is.

I tried many “Online Programs”, but either the startup costs were just too much, or they were just a “SCAM”. I was gullible and bought into the “SCAMS”, and did not learn my lesson.


So, finally, I read a “Review” about one of the sites that had “SCAMMED” me. The “Author” didn’t hold back, He talked about how they would make you an offer, and then after you made your purchase, the next page they sent you to was a “UPSELL” page. Hey! You bought your business for $24.99.

An “UPSELL” page offers you something different, like, for $997 you can have “MASSIVE TRAFFIC” sent to your site. So, you refuse their offer, and you’re sent to another page.

This page makes you an offer, it says, that for only $497 your website will run 100X faster. After you turn them down two more times, you discover that your original purchase doesn’t exist anymore. You know what?

“Click” on The Snake Oil Salesman” below and he will take you to a place that will show you a “SureFire”  way to detect a “SCAMMER”. Remember, when you arrive, just enter the website you want to have checked out, and you’ll be very surprised. Don’t buy lies from “The Snake Oil Salesman”.

SENIORS Don’t Buy Their Lies 

"The Snake Oil Salesman holding up a bottle of Elixir"

“CLICK on The Snake Oil Salesman”

Now, I won’t deceive you, I intend to show you the “WEALTHY AFFILIATE”, a Training Institute for “AFFILIATE MARKETING”. You see, I know that you Googled, “Can Seniors Learn To Be Affiliate Marketers?” and what did I do? I put you through the wringer, and that’s what you’ve been trying to avoid.

Look, I write short stories about a guy named Alan just to entertain you, The fact of the matter is, that today, the “SENIOR” would probably have some difficulty going back to school, but it’s very doable.

I went to “Nursing School” back in 2013. I struggled a little, but, I did become a “Nurse”. It’s different training at the “Wealthy Affiliate”. Please read on.

The deal about  “WEALTHY AFFILIATE” is that of all the “Affiliate Marketing” sites, this “Training Institute”  teaches you how to Build Your Website, and offers all the Training that you will need to start an “Online”  Business for your own. The difference between “THOSE” guys and us, is the “Wealthy Affiliate offers  FREE membership.

Yes, they provide you with a FREE Website and FREE Training, that’s training that’s second to “NONE”. I know you have your doubts, so let me put your mind at ease.

If you’re concerned about our legitimacy then let’s ask Sheriff Roy to check it out for us, ok?

HI! I’m Sheriff Roy!

"Sheriff Roy looking through a Magnifying Glass"

“CLICK on Sheriff Roy”

Let’s Start With the Better Business Bureau, They Gave Them an A+ 

Then I Used the Trust Pilot, Which Had Them Ranked at 4.9/5

And Last, the Scam Detector. It Gave the Wealthy Affiliate 100%.

This link is a Thorough Review of the Wealthy Affiliate.

You Should Review the Other Companies to Check on Their Legitimacy.

I Recommend the Scam Detector.


“CLICK on Me”

This and other reviews should help you determine whether you should sign up with us or not. At this time, it should be apparent that I no longer take any chances, and that I have companies extensively checked out now.

For the Future, Have EVERYBODY Checked Out,

Use the SCAM DETECTOR, and You Won’t Regret it.

Are SENIORS Too Old To Be Taught?  

So, you may say, “I’m Just Too “DARN” Old To Be Doing This”, “Besides, Are There Any “SENIORS” Doing This, And Are Any Of Them Successful At It?”

Well, there are quite a few “SENIORS” doing this. With 5 BILLION people on the Internet, of “ALL” walks of life, there are many “SENIORS” on the Web today. The Wealthy Affiliate has over 2.7 MILLION Members, and several of them are “SENIORS”.

You see SENIORS, in today’s society, you can find anything on sale Online. People will also buy it. I have a friend who has over 3000 used golf balls and people buy them up by the dozens when he takes them to the Flea Market. He could very easily create a website for the Golf Balls,

"some used golf balls"

SENIORS right now, you can join the Wealthy Affiliate for FREE. Please continue to read the rest of this article because it applies to you. Please don’t think you’re too old to start something Online. I’m retired now and I’m having a blast.

My friend is a “SENIOR Citizen”, and a member of the “Wealthy Affiliate”, He was a Lawyer in Family, Criminal, and Civil Law for over 38 years. He was a “Champion in the Sport of Rowing”, he’s a “Wellness Coach”, and “Owner of a Consulting Firm”. This man has over “3 SUCCESSFUL WEBSITES”. 

I would say that he truly represents one of the many successful “SENIOR Citizens” that we have at the “Wealthy Affiliate”. If you noticed, I “Bold” and “CAPITALIZE” the word “SENIOR”. It’s because I have a great deal of respect for the “SENIORS”. Hey, “I ARE ONE”


"This is Phil, one of the members of the Wealthy Affiliate"

This is my friend Phil. I’ll let him tell his story. “I weigh the same as I did when I was 18 and remain seriously fit and healthy. After 48 years in IT, I retired reasonably well off. But a combination of bad luck and bad decisions left me broke at the age of 74. So I’m determined to derive a substantial “Online” income and will devote whatever is necessary to achieve that”.

UPDATE: I Turn 80 in April 2024 and have around 30 websites producing a substantial income.

For my age, I’m extraordinarily Fit and Healthy. I bench press more than my body weight, can hold a 5-minute plank, and do 100km “Bike Rides” for fun. I take no drugs, prescription, or over-the-counter medications, I don’t go to the doctors and I never get sick.


"This is Phil lifting weights"

"This is Phil flexing his muscles"

The Wealthy Affiliate” teaches you all aspects of the business. For example, what I chose to do with my “Website” is to be an “AFFILIATE” for Wealthy Affiliate.

I Tell People About the Services That They Provide,

As There is a Lot That You Can Learn at the “Wealthy Affiliate”.


Most Importantly, Do You Want to Be an “AFFILIATE MARKETER?”

Not only do you train as an “AFFILIATE MARKETER”, but they will introduce you to several thousand “AFFILIATES” that need your help. No sense in looking around for “AFFILIATES”, they’re all hereAt the “WEALTHY AFFILIATE,” you can do WHATEVER” you want, and they will train you.


"Alan with an Large Announcer"s Microphone"

“This Is The Old Time Hour”

We interrupt the “Old Fashioned Hour” to tell you about the Wealthy Affiliate, the “ONLINE BUSINESS” that is sweeping the whole wide world.

Today, in society, “AFFILIATE MARKETERS” are finding it very difficult to find honorable and ethical “AFFILIATE TRAINING CENTERS” nowadays that offer real training for the Entrepreneur.

At Wealthy Affiliate, our Training is second to none. There are thousands of hours of Training, hundreds of hours of Videos, and the most Technologically Advanced Training today. WEALTHY AFFILIATE” has over “2.7 MILLION MEMBERS”. Why?

Because they “ALL” know who the leader in “AFFILIATE MARKETING” is The “WEALTHY AFFILIATE” truly is #1 in Affiliate Marketing based on over 50,000 independent reviews.

Even if you decide not to come on board, I would like you to come back as my guest. I am attempting to develop a Readership of sorts. So, come back and hang with me, I try to write 1 Article a day, mostly about “SENIOR Citizens”.

Funny Stories About SENIORS

I Take A Slightly Comical Approach To Writing, Such As,
"an old decrepit looking Popeye"
“Powerful Strategies For SENIORS?”

"Alan and Sandy Waters, from Station WINK, together to talk about his new book, "Empower Your Retirement Man! FREE Affiliate Marketing For SENIORS". He STUTTERS when ever he gets near her because of her beauty"

“Affiliate Marketing For SENIORS”
"Alan jumping up and down with his cats; jumping for joy"
“Web Creations For SENIORS”
"Andy and Bubba sit in front of a computer"

“SENIORS Thrive In Affiliate Marketing”

"An Artist paints everything in sight"

“How To Be Creative Online”

"Alan and his senior friends looking in the dirt for work"
“Web Creations For SENIORS”
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We hope to see you on the inside.

So, if you want to: JOIN ME

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AbstractAlan says

"This is Alan putting his teeth in"

“I Gotz Mu Teeth In”


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