Seize The Day! Website Creation For SENIORS

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"Alan jumping up in the air, and says, "Seize the Day! Website Creation for SENIORS"

Alan Man wrote an article, “Seize the Day! Website Creation for SENIORS”. You may think that it’s a fable, but it’s true.

Up high in the mountains, deep in the woods, somewhere in the little town of Hickman, SENIORS are creating FREE Websites, and making money, hand over fist.

Seize the Day! Website Creation for SENIORS

The town has 642 Residents, and one gas station called Ernie’s Last Stop that doesn’t sell gas, only tires and oil changes. a Post Office, 6 Churches, and an Antique Store that is never open.

Even though the town may be scarcely alive, it’s a fact. This is the story of one of those SENIORS.

"Ernie's Last Stop in Hickman""6 Churches in Hickman"

 In an unexpected twist of fate, Alan, a local “Fil-ee-it Mark-et-r” known only as “Speedy”, famed for his disheveled hair, mismatched clothes, gravity-defying leaps of joy, and one who putts around in his 2003 Toyota Corolla with nearly 400,000 miles on her.

And now he has become an overnight millionaire. His secret? Selling stray cats to an oddly enthusiastic group of town’s people and tourists.

"Alan jumping up in the air with his cats""Alan and his 2003 Toyota  Corolla"

Alan, who lives in a ramshackle shack in the Hickman woods, has long been a figure of local folklore. “I thought he was just a quirky old man with a passion for feline company,” said Brenda Billy Bob Sue, a nearby resident. “I never knew his cat cuddling was a cover for a lucrative business venture!”


"Alan Man sitting at his table selling his cats with Philosopher and Snack Crunch Names"

According to sources, Alan’s Business Model is as unconventional as his lifestyle. He rescues stray cats, names them after Famous Philosophers and Snack Foods, and then “sells” them to tourists and city dwellers seeking a slice of rustic charm.

“Is All Bouts Da Mark-et-in”, Alan explained. “Yoos Givs A Cat A Fancy Name Like “Air-e-stot-l Crunch” or P-l-ay-to Puff” And Sud-n-ly Ev-r-a-wun Wans A Pese Of Da Ax-shn”.

"6 cats with Philosopher Snack Bar Names"

“UH! Cats Can’t Spell”

The hermit’s success story began when a group of hikers stumbled upon his woodland abode and were charmed by his army of well-fed, oddly-named felines. Word of mouth spread, and soon, urbanites were trekking into the woods, seeking their philosopher-snack-named cat.

“I never thought I’d see the day where I’d trek through the forest for a cat named Socrates Slim Jim”,  admitted one of Alan’s customers, a well-known city lawyer. “But here I am, and I couldn’t be happier.”

"Attorney Big Sammo With Aristotle-Slim-Jim"

“Attorney Big Sammo With Aristotle-Slim-Jim”

Despite his newfound wealth, Alan’s lifestyle remains unchanged. He continues to live in his humble shack, surrounded by his beloved cats, and has reportedly started to invest in creating the world’s first “PHILOSOPHER THEME CAT PLAYGROUND” in his backyard.

"Philosopher Theme Park"

           “Philosopher Theme Cat Playground”


Hey SENIORS! I didn’t leave you out. Remember, it says, “Website Creation For SENIORS”. This story is a parody of sorts, Cat jumping? Philosopher Cat Theme Playground For Cats? It’s cute, it is, but is it? You see SENIORS, in today’s society, you can find anything on Sale Online.

People will also buy it. I have a friend who has over 3000 used golf balls and people buy them up by the dozens when he takes them to the Flea Market.

"A bunch of used golf balls"

SENIORS Right now, you can join the Wealthy Affiliate for FREE. Please continue to read the rest of this article because it applies to you as well. Please don’t think you’re too old to start something Online.

I’m retired now and I’m having a blast. SENIORS, below you, will learn an awful lot about the Wealthy Affiliate and you will be quite impressed, but I want you to remember one thing.

There are over 2.7 Million Members and many of them are SENIOR Citizens. I made friends with an 80-year-old very Successful Entrepreneur. SENIORS, the SENIOR Citizens at the Wealthy Affiliate are kicking BUTT. Below are a couple of Articles that I wrote for us SENIOR Citizens. 

Please Enjoy!

"a very old decrepit popeye the sailorman"

     “Affiliate Marketing For Seniors”

"Alan and Sandy Waters, from Station WINK, together to talk about his new book, "Empower Your Retirement Man! FREE Affiliate Marketing For SENIORS". He STUTTERS when ever he gets near her because of her beauty"

“Affiliate Marketing For SENIORS”

When asked about his Future Plans,

Alan Responded With a Twinkle in His Eye,

“I Luvs Be-in A Fil-ee-it Mark-et-r”

“And I Mites Gets A Lyne Of Phee-los-a-fur Murchin-dice”

"Philosopher Merchandise""Philosopher Statues"

“Philosopher Merchandise and Philosopher Statues”

May-bee Uh Book”    “For Now I Jus Hap-E Jump-n Wit My Cats”. 

"A Philosopher's cat jumping for dummies book"

   “The Philosophers Cat Jumping For Dummies”

As for the cats, they seem blissfully unaware of their Newfound Fame and Fortune, continuing to live their best lives in the woods, offering Purrs and Wisdom in equal measure.

This little “Stomp In The Woods” is brought to you by the Wealthy Affiliate, the institute that Trained Alan to be a “Fil-e-it Mark-e-tr”. When Alan joined up, he joined for FREE because Alan likes FREE.

Wealthy Affiliate gave Alan a FREE Website, FREE Training, and FREE Support. The Wealthy Affiliate offers a FREE Membership to anybody. Are you a squirrel hunter? FREE! Do you like to roll around in the mud with the pigs? FREE! Do you like to put underwear on your head? UH! Not too sure about that one.

So, You Not Too Sure Bout us?

Well, remember Sheriff Roy?

Let him check it out for ya!

Let’s start with the Better Business Bureau, they gave them an A+ for a grade

Then I used the Trust Pilot, which had them ranked at 4.9/5

And last, the Scam Detector. it gave the Wealthy Affiliate 100%.

This link is a thorough review of the Wealthy Affiliate.

Oh, incidentally, you should review the other companies to check on their legitimacy.

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      AbstractAlan says,

“It’s All Bout Me Mama”

13 thoughts on “Seize The Day! Website Creation For SENIORS”

  1. Your insightful post on seniors making money online resonated with me, reflecting a growing trend in leveraging digital opportunities for financial independence. The practical advice you provided, such as exploring affiliate marketing and online tutoring, aligns with the experiences of seniors I’ve encountered who have successfully transitioned into the digital realm. Your emphasis on the importance of adapting to technology and acquiring new skills echoes the resilience I’ve witnessed in seniors embracing the digital landscape. The diverse range of options you presented, from freelance writing to e-commerce ventures, mirrors the versatility I’ve seen among seniors exploring various avenues to supplement their income. Your post is not only an informative guide but also a testament to the fact that age should never be a barrier to embracing new opportunities.

  2. Hey thank you for this post!

    I enjoyed reading this article, it is especially motivating for individuals who are of older age, thinking their time for money making is limited but that’s not true as your post suggested.

    It was great reading, the style of writing is definitely unique and fun to read.

    Thanks again and have a great day!

  3. I believe that Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform for anyone no matter the age because this is a learning platform that can help even seniors work at their own pace as they create and operate a business where they can feel useful by making a great contribution as they share their knowledge and their skins. Thanks for sharing.

  4. As a senior interested in supplementing my retirement income, I’m curious about the time commitment required for these money-making ventures. Could someone with limited tech skills and about 10-15 hours a week to spare realistically expect to see a decent return on their time investment? Any advice or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hey Corey, I’m still working at it. The right way to do this is to follow through with your training. Unfortunately, I didn’t listen. I’ve been concentrating on Writing my articles, I’m trying to write the perfect article and I’m trying to get somebody to tell me if I’m doing it right. I don’t know Corey, if  I’m even doing it right. Hey message me and we’ll talk.

      Blessings to you,


  5. I found the story about Alan really interesting! It was a really cute story, and in a way, inspiring. 

    I completely agree that with affiliate marketing, anyone can make money, regardless of age, gender, race, ect. It gives you the freedom to be your own boss, at your own schedule, anywhere in the world, and it’s certainly a great choice for seniors looking to retire but still maintaining a source of income.

    Thank you for sharing! I truely hope that this post finds the right people.

    • Thanks a lot Ursidae, I’m glad you like it. I try to keep it real, even though the stories are not real. I need to know that my articles are reaching people and also, that I’m doing them properly.

      Thanks again,


  6. This really had me smiling, visualising the cats being rescued and spruced up, and then sold to city slickers. And although it might sound far fetched to some skeptics, it is indeed possible. 

    Whether you are a senior, or not, with the world of affiliate marketing at you fingertips, there is not better time than the present to start earning online. Wealthy Affiliate is indeed the best platform, where you can start for free. Thank you for sharing this unique story to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it, I know I can be way out there sometime. It’s a good thing I’m not juggling cats, right?

      Thanks again,


  7. This is a very funny and creative article with a real message; age is a matter of the mind. If you dont mind it doesnt matter your age, you are never too old to learn to grow an online side hustle.And with wealthy affiliate anyone is able to do it at their own pace. I too Luvs Be-in A Fil-ee-it Mark-et-r LOL

    • Thanks Dirk, I try to be funny without losing the message. Since you actually read this dribble please let me know if I get out of hand. I’m trying to create a good article. Thanks again,




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