Can We Train SENIORS To Become Affiliate Marketers?

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"This man is wondering, "Can We Train SENIORS To Become Affiliate Marketers?"

So, let me ask you, “Can We Train SENIORS To Become Affiliate Marketers?”. You’ve come to the right place SENIOR Citizen, this is the place to learn ALL about starting an Online Business.

Can We Train SENIORS To Become Affiliate Marketers?

Hello Reader, my name is Alan. In this Article I’ll introduce you to a Training Institute for Affiliate Marketing and Online businesses, that is second to NO ONE. 

So, What Is Affiliate Marketing, You Ask?

Some of you may ask, “What is Affiliate Marketing?” It’s a Marketing Arrangement by which an Online Retailer pays a Commission to an External Website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

Most of my earnings are from Affiliate Marketing, Direct Ad Sales, and Sponsored Posts“. Before we continue, if you’re not sure about Affiliate Marketing, then we’ll let you try it for FREE. To test the waters so to speak.

So, FREE You Say?"a cute puppy with a FREE sign around his neck"

“I’m cute and I know It”

So, you got yourself a FREE puppy at Walmart, did you? Oh! Just a cute little side note. Whenever I see a mom at the store with her child riding in the shopping cart, I say, “Wow! Are they selling kids now? What isle was she on?”

Sorry, Reader, I haven’t taken my Ritalin yet. So, getting back to that FREE puppy. I’m afraid that’s where it ends, folks.

FREE PUPPY? Yeah! Right! There’s his shots, the deworming, his puppy food, and an entire plethora of additional expenses that come with owning an animal.

Yes, part of that involves neutering; and don’t forget or YOU’LL be handing out FREE puppies at YOUR local Walmart. So, is anything FREE anymore? So, if you’re given a FREE Website, is it FREE or just another SCAM by one of those “Snake Oil” salesmen?

SENIORS! Some Websites Will Scam You 

"a Snake Oil Salesman holding up a bottle of liniment"

“CLICK On The Snake Oil Salesman”

So, SENIORS! Don’t Get Scammed!

So, you’re looking for TRAINING in Affiliate Marketing?, and maybe a FREE Website? Okay! I can accommodate you, but first and foremost, before we talk about FREE anything, we need to talk about SCAMS. You see, I want you to know about some of the SCAMS that are out there, claiming to be FREE.

I’m retired now, and in my entire life, I have never seen or heard of more misleading, or deceitful SCAMS, than what I’ve experienced, just in the past 5 years alone. There are PHONE SCAMS, EMAIL SCAMS, and MAIL SCAMS, the list appears to be endless, which is nauseating to me.

I want to know, what happened to us? With this country? You see, I’ve been SCAMMED so much since getting on the internet, that I can taste it. Speaking of taste.

"a mans face is severely puckered from something he ate"

“Bad Taste?”

Here’s a tasty sampler of a Website SCAM. I saw an Online Business advertised, and of course, just like always, it sounded great to me, so I purchased it. I attempted to check out.

And like many times before, it would take me to a UPSELL page. This page stated that for $997, I would get a non-stop flow of traffic sent to me.

I turned that offer down and was immediately taken to another page. This time it read that for only $497, my Website would run 100 Faster. It continued to make more offers, and I continued to turn them down.

Mysteriously though, the business that I had originally paid for, disappeared. All I wanted was the Business that I ordered, and at the price that was advertised.

So, this occurs regularly and not just to me,

Too Many Fall For This

"an angry crowd they were scammed too"

“We Are Mad And You Should Be Too!”

It wasn’t until just recently, that I got back Online. I was determined to find an Online Business and just like before, I got ripped off again. One day I read a Review, this was about one of the “SCAMMERS” that had really “GOT ME GOOD”. This Review Was Brilliant, Very Thorough, Articulate, and Honest.

How do I know these things? It’s because he was Factual in his Findings, he was not making any Emotional Accusations, and he handled it Professionally, so I was very impressed. This guy had Reviewed Many Businesses and some of them, I had been SCAMMED by.

This Is My Recommendation

It’s called the Wealthy Affiliate.

"a blue Wealthy Affiliate logo with a large WA in white"

“Wealthy Affiliate logo”

What’s great is that they offer a FREE Membership for ANYBODY. The Wealthy Affiliate gives you a FREE website, FREE training, FREE Support, and a CHAT LINE, chock full of Very Successful Entrepreneurs. You may be a little hesitant so I had them checked out.

So, Let’s Check The Wealthy Affiliate Out.

"This Is Sherlock Holmes"


Let’s start with the Better Business Bureau, they gave them an A+ for a grade

Then I used the Trust Pilot, which had them ranked at 4.9/5

And last, the Scam Detector. it gave the Wealthy Affiliate 100%.

Oh, incidentally, you should review the other companies to check on their legitimacy.

I recommend the Scam Detector.

This link is a thorough review of the Wealthy Affiliate.

This and other reviews should help you determine whether you should sign up with us. At this time, it should be apparent that I no longer take any chances, and that I have companies extensively checked out now.

For the future, have EVERYBODY checked out, you won’t regret it.

SENIORS Learn About A.I.

As I said, I’m in the process of Building This Website. I started with a FREE Membership, and within a week, I was hooked and became a paying member. They are teaching me how to write proper CONTENT, TITLES, and KEYWORDS. They also taught me how to Create a LOGO using AI. Most Affiliate Marketing firms would tell you to contract an artist, but that would cost a lot.

Wealthy Affiliate Taught Me How To Do It For FREE.

All This Art Was Created By AI For FREE

"a 'Those Affiliates Review' logo with Captain America reviewing a comouter"

“Those Affiliates Review logos”.

I entered, “Beautiful Girl Black Hair Beautiful Eyes, Photo”

"a pretty girl with black hair and pretty eyes"

“Don’t Hate Me Cuz I’m beautiful”

I Entered Hulk vs Superman

"Superman getting ready to fight the Hulk"

“Superman VS Hulk”

This Art Is Amazing

"This is me fighting the Hulk"


Affiliate Training For Everybody

So, every time they teach me something, or show me some new contraption that I’ve never seen before, I would have to play with it. I’m afraid I spent a little too much time with AI though.

Of course, Pop Pop became a hero to his Grand Daughter when he typed,

“Elsa from Frozen dances with Olaf on ice”

"Elsa from Frozen dances with Olaf on ice"

“Elsa and Olaf From Frozen Dance On Ice”

"Alien with a Ray gun shooting like a cowboy"

Warning Earthlings!

A.I. eventually, will probably take over the World and destroy it if we keep poking at it. So, in the meantime, enjoy it. “Weak, Silly Humans!!”

Learn All About The Business

These are only a couple of things that we can do. The Wealthy Affiliate teaches you all aspects of the Business. For example, what I chose to do with my Website is to be an Affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate. I tell people about the services that they provide because there is a lot that you can learn at the Wealthy Affiliate.


Most importantly, do you want to be an Affiliate Marketer? Not only do you train as an Affiliate Marketer, but they will introduce you to several thousand Affiliates that need your help.

No sense in looking around for Affiliates, they’re all here. At the Wealthy Affiliate, you can do WHATEVER you want, and they will Train you.

So, You Decide What You Want To Do.

"A Radio Announcer speaking into a large microphone"

“Is This Thing On?”

We interrupt our story to tell you about the Wealthy Affiliate, the Online Business that is sweeping the world. Today, in society, Affiliate Marketers are finding it very difficult to find honorable and ethical Affiliate Training centers that offer real Training for the Entrepreneur.

At Wealthy Affiliate, our training is second to none. There are thousands of hours of training, hundreds of hours of videos, and the most technologically advanced training today.

Wealthy Affiliate has over 2.7 million members. Why? Because they all know who the leader in Affiliate Marketing is. Wealthy Affiliate truly is #1 in Affiliate Marketing based on over 50,000 independent reviews.

Now! Back to our Program.

Even if you decide not to come on board, I would love to have you check my Website out and come back as my guest. I am attempting to develop a Readership of sorts. So, come back and hang with me, I try to write 1 article a day.

I Take A Slightly Comical Approach To Writing,

Even When Learning New Topics,

Such As,

"old decrepit Popeye"

“Powerful Strategies For SENIORS”

old man disheveled hair and clothes looking for a niche, he's wearing a blindfold, he's wandering through a warehouse, it's full of everything, technology, food, appliances, furniture, photo art

“Choose Your Niche Wisely”

" a cute Alien reads a book about AI"

“Training In AI”

"An Artist who paints everything"

“How To Be Creative Online Using AI”

Please Check Out These Links Above.

Let Me Know What You Think By Leaving Comments

I’m a NEWBIE at Wealthy Affiliate and still learning the ropes. Every day I learn something new and so I’d add it to my Website. I’m enjoying what I’m doing here at the Wealthy Affiliate. We feel like we’re part of the family because the founders are so Personable and Reachable.

One thing that is quite impressive is the 2.7 Million Members, many of whom frequent the CHAT LINE are Very Successful Entrepreneurs.

If you have questions, they have the answers. No other company has the Support System that Wealthy Affiliate has. So, do the other Affiliate Companies have a Support System like this? Do they have a CHAT LINE? How about a Facebook presence? Instagram?

Some other things that they do is to Teach you how to get Traffic to your Website for FREE, and then how to Monetize it. (that means, make money with it) All, in all, the Wealthy Affiliate is the complete package.

So, you asked, “How Do I Learn Affiliate Marketing“. Well, I hope I was able to answer your question. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment box below.

So Reader!

We hope to see you on the inside.

So, If You Want To: JOIN ME

No Credit Card required

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